Remote send acacia Chinese dream, thousands of miles where meet

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar.

Legend has it that Hou Yi and Chang ‘e lived together on earth.One day, Chang ‘e was washing clothes by the river when she saw her reflection in the water and realized that she was old.So hou Yi went to kunlun to find the Queen Mother and asked for the elixir of immortality.The Queen Mother thanked Hou Yi for killing nine SUNS and saving mankind, so she gave him two pills.If you take one pill, you will live forever. If you take two pills, you will become an immortal.

However, this matter was hou Yi’s disciple Feng Meng knew, Feng Meng would have a bad mind to steal medicine.One day, when Yi went hunting with other disciples, he forced Chang e to hand over the pills.Seeing that she was no match for Feng Meng, Chang e swallowed both pills and flew to the moon.

On this day, people usually go to the Qiantang River to watch the tide.Qiantang River trumpet – shaped terrain, when the tide came, the spectacular blots out.In qiantang River, every Mid-Autumn Festival, are crowded, overflowing.


In addition, appreciating the moon is also an indispensable program.Li Bai has written “hours do not know the month, call white jade plate, and doubt yao Tai mirror, fly in the qingyun end.”And other poets have written wonderful things about the moon.Every Mid-Autumn Festival this day, the moon will be special round, special bright.In Ningbo there is an old saying “the moon on The 15th day is sixteen round”, so many people will also choose the 16th night, prepare fresh fruits and moon cakes, pick an open place, cool breeze, while enjoying the moon while laughing.

Mid-Autumn Festival, is also the day of family reunion.Relatives get together to chat, eat, drink tea and visit the elderly.Those who are far away from home will make a phone call to say they are safe if they cannot come back.

The moon in the sky, miss my mind around, but the moon night, year after year looking forward to reunion;Miss spread thousands of miles, SMS send wishes, tianya feeling constantly, cape blood connection;Every festive season times, the heart send moon pray for reunion, gather Yin gas I wish everyone a happy family happiness, good luck happy happy, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



Post time: Oct-30-2021