Engineering cases of nitrogen and oxygen production equipment in other industries

Nitrogen machine, as an air separation equipment, can separate high purity nitrogen gas from the air.Because nitrogen is an inert gas, it is often used as a protective gas.Nitrogen can effectively prevent oxidation in high purity nitrogen environment.The following categories of industries or fields require or use their chemical stability;

1. Coal mining and storage


In coal mines, the biggest disaster is the explosion of the internal mixed gas when a fire occurs in the oxidized area of goaf.Charging nitrogen can control the oxygen content in the gas mixture below 12%, which can not only suppress the probability of explosion, but also prevent the spontaneous combustion of coal, making the working environment safer.

2. Oil and gas extraction

Nitrogen is the standard gas used to re-pressurize oil and gas from large Wells/gas fields.Using the characteristics of nitrogen to maintain reservoir pressure, mixed phase and immiscible oil displacement and gravity drainage technology can greatly improve oil recovery rate, which is of great significance to stabilize oil production and increase oil production.

Petroleum and petrochemical

According to the characteristics of inert gases, nitrogen can establish an inert atmosphere during the processing, storage and transfer of flammable materials, eliminating the replacement of harmful toxic and flammable gases.

4. Chemical industry


Nitrogen is an important raw material for synthetic fibers (nylon, acrylic), synthetic resins, synthetic rubbers, etc. It can also be used to make fertilizers such as ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, etc.

5. pharmaceutical


In the pharmaceutical industry, nitrogen filling process can effectively improve the quality of drugs, whether it is infusion, water injection, powder injection, lyophilizer or oral liquid production.

6. electronics, power, cable


Nitrogen filled bulb.The bulb is filled with nitrogen to prevent oxidation of the tungsten filament and slow its evaporation rate, thus extending the life of the bulb.

7. Edible oils

The nitrogen-filled oil reservoir is to fill nitrogen into the tank and exhaust air from the tank to prevent the oil from being oxidized, so as to ensure the safe storage of oil.The higher the nitrogen content, the lower the oxygen content, the better for storage.It can be said that nitrogen content has a huge impact on the storage of cooking oil and grease.

8. Food and drink

Grains, cans, fruits, beverages, etc. are usually packed in nitrogen to prevent corrosion for easy storage.

9.plastic chemical industry

Nitrogen is introduced into the molding and cooling process of plastic parts. Nitrogen is used to reduce deformation caused by pressure on plastic parts, resulting in stable, accurate dimensions of plastic parts.Nitrogen injection can improve the quality of injection products and design flexibility.According to different process conditions, the purity of nitrogen required by plastic injection molding is different.Therefore, it is not suitable to use bottle nitrogen, and it is best to use the on-site pressure swing adsorption nitrogen machine to supply nitrogen directly.

10. rubber, resin production

Rubber nitrogen vulcanization process, that is, in the process of vulcanization of rubber, nitrogen is added as a protective gas.

12. production of car tires

Filling the tire with nitrogen can improve the stability and comfort of the tire, and can also prevent puncture and extend the life of the tire.Nitrogen’s audio conductivity can reduce tire noise and improve ride comfort.

13. Metallurgy and heat treatment

Continuous casting, rolling, steel annealing protection gas;The top and bottom of the converter are in line with the sealing of blowing nitrogen for steelmaking, the sealing of the converter for steelmaking, the sealing of the top of the blast furnace, and the gas for pulverized coal injection for blast furnace ironmaking.

14. New materials

Heat treatment atmosphere protection of new materials and composite materials.

Aviation, aerospace

Normal temperature gas nitrogen is used to protect aircraft, rocket and other components explosion-proof, rocket fuel supercharger, launch pad replacement gas and safety protection gas, astronaut control gas, space simulation room, aircraft fuel pipeline cleaning gas, etc.

16. Biofuels

For example, nitrogen is needed to make ethanol from corn.

17. fruit and vegetable storage

Commercially, fruit and vegetable air-conditioned storage has been available worldwide for more than 70 years.Nitrogen is a more advanced fresh-keeping facility for fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are treated by air storage, which helps to improve the fresh-keeping effect and prolong their shelf life, and meets all pollution-free standards of green storage.

18. Food storage

In the storage of grain, nitrogen is introduced to prevent spoilage by microbial and insect activity or the respiration of the grain itself.Nitrogen can not only reduce the oxygen content in the air, destroy the physiological activities of microorganisms, the survival of insects, but also inhibit the respiration of food itself.

19. laser cutting

Laser cutting stainless steel with nitrogen, can prevent welding parts exposed to air by oxygen oxidation, but also to prevent the appearance of pores in the weld.

20. Welding protection

Nitrogen can be used to protect metals from oxidation when welding them.

Protect historical relics

In museums, precious and rare painting pages and books are often filled with nitrogen, which can kill mites.So as to achieve the protection of ancient books.

Fire prevention and fire fighting

Nitrogen has no combustion-supporting effect. Proper nitrogen injection can prevent fire and extinguish fire.

Medicine, beauty

Nitrogen can be used in surgery, cryotherapy, blood refrigeration, drug freezing and cryocomminution, for example, as a refrigerant for plaque removal in hospitals, including surgery.

With the progress of science and technology and the development of economic construction, nitrogen has been widely used in many industrial enterprises and daily life.With the maturity of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen machine technology, nitrogen machine on-site nitrogen production than other nitrogen supply more economic, more convenient.

Post time: Nov-19-2021