Holding of business management meetings

On October 5 solstice 7, “the second session of enterprise management work conference” was held in the company, the meeting is to fully implement the 2021 work conference spirit timely and important meeting, on August 1 – company management work, on the basis of clear for a period of time in the second half and in the future operation and management ideas, management objectives and priorities, Innovatively put forward the “big layout, small team, fine division of labor, innovation” strategic goals.The heads of the company and departments reported on the completion of 2021 mission objectives, major problems existing in the work and the work ideas for the second half of the year.1 – August, all branches and departments closely around the target of our company early reservation, actively implement the grasp products, management, marketing, grasp cooperation and team work, standardize management, innovation, tap potential, open source throttling, further enhance the company’s anti-risk ability, to dissolve the adverse market factors, Actively carry out project planning and implementation and company development management, scientifically formulate measures and methods to complete business tasks, assign responsibilities to people and decompose tasks layer by layer, laying a good foundation for the steady and healthy development of the company.


General manager Zhang made an important speech after his work report.He fully affirmed the company in August 1 to each work achievements, and demand on the basis of the already obtained achievement, strengthen management, to the point, the cost savings at the same time improving the cost per unit of output, and actively expand the market, grab resources, create new profit point and sparkle, actively complete the company issued this year business tasks.Mr. Zhang stressed that strategy determines success or failure, and details make perfect achievements. The department should strive to improve core competitiveness and the follow-up motivation for the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise from the aspects of company development, operating efficiency, management innovation, financial management and strengthening learning.The head of each branch should further enhance strategic decision-making ability, and each department should improve management innovation ability, so as to ensure that Zhongtian Haoyu is a modern enterprise full of creativity, influence and combat effectiveness.

General Manager Zhang pointed out that in view of the company’s future operation and management work, stressed that we should take scientific development as the theme, take the transformation of development mode as the main line, effectively strengthen the operation and management ability, promote the innovation, upgrade and efficiency of operation and management work.Operation and management is a major starting point for quality and benefit enterprises, an important work for the sustainable development of the company, a basic project to cultivate and enhance the company’s brand, and an essential element of enterprise soft power.General Manager Zhang asked all branches and departments to take the operation and management work as the main direction to grasp, strengthen the construction of the leadership of operation and management, the main person in charge of the operation and management work as the top priority, included in the main agenda;Strengthen the training of operation and management functional institutions and management teams, train top technical system students into managers and senior management personnel, and put operation and management work and production in the same position;Improve team management ability, improve enterprise quality and efficiency;Strengthen contract management and cost management to create barrier-free development environment;Adhere to standardized, procedural, standardized, refined process management;Adhere to raise awareness, do a good job in the assessment of enterprises, guide us to change the way of development and improve management capacity.

The meeting concluded on 7 October with the successful completion of the agenda.

Post time: Oct-07-2021