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On August 15, fuyang City environmental protection safety production work conference was held, the meeting on 2021 air pollution prevention and control tasks are arranged and deployed, and issued air pollution prevention and control implementation plan.According to the plan, the city will carry out ten tough battles against air pollution this year, which are as follows:

1.Strengthening the control of dust pollution

2. Optimize the industrial and energy mix

3. Pollution control of industrial enterprises

4. Strengthening the control of non-point sources and pollution sources

5. Prevention and control of motor vehicle pollution

6. Improve environmental monitoring capabilities

7. Enhance environmental emergency response capacity

8. Strengthen legal construction of environmental protection

Supporting ecological restoration compensation projects

The detailed measures include: 1. To optimize the industrial and energy mix, raise the entry threshold, formulate a list of projects to guide access, and strictly control the new capacity of industries with high energy consumption and high emissions; 2.We will resolutely stop the construction of illegal projects under construction in industries with serious overcapacity.We will improve the spatial distribution of industries, encourage heavy and chemical enterprises to gather in professional parks, and strictly limit the construction of high-emission projects in ecologically fragile or environmentally sensitive areas.We will promote new energy and new technologies, speed up technological upgrading in enterprises, vigorously develop a circular economy and a green economy, foster and strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection industries, and promote the innovative development and industrial application of major environmental protection technology and equipment and products.2. In terms of strengthening the control of non-point sources and pollution sources, by the end of October 2021, all coal-fired heating boilers for urban residents in downtown areas will be phased out.In urban and rural fringe areas of central urban areas and urban areas of counties (cities, districts), coal-fired heating boilers in non-central heating areas will be phased out and replaced by clean energy boilers, distributed gas heat pumps and other technologies.By the end of January 2021, we will formulate an implementation plan, make a governance list, and make clear the progress of our work.During the heating period of 2021, more than three demonstration projects of distributed heating replacement will be completed in each county or city.3. In terms of pollution control of industrial enterprises, according to the requirements of the third period of the six local standards for air pollutants in Zhejiang Province (March 1, 2021), key air pollution enterprises in Zhejiang province will achieve standard emissions on schedule;Other industrial boilers and kilns in the city shall be comprehensively transformed and renovated.The 130-square-kilometer no-burning zone in the city center will eliminate and prohibit the construction of high-pollution fuel burning facilities.All counties (cities and districts) shall phase out, dismantle or prohibit the construction of industrial coal-fired boilers of 10 tons or less.In other regions, all coal-fired industrial boilers and kilns meet emission standards.If they still fail to meet the standards, they shall be reported to the people’s government with the power of approval for closure.By the end of 2021, all small and medium-sized enterprises will meet the standard of governance.This time, the announcement of the implementation plan of air pollution prevention and control in Zhuhai is a livelihood project of the government to make great efforts to improve the environment and protect the people’s livelihood. It is also an important measure to conform to the trend of science and technology and promote the adjustment of industrial structure.

In this plan, it is clearly proposed to use clean energy boiler and distributed gas heat pump technology to replace residential coal-fired heating boiler, which provides a historic development opportunity for the promotion and application of gas heat pump and solar boiler products of our company.We believe that……Will take advantage of the policy spring breeze in 2021, for the realization of the company’s strategic development goals to make a historic leap,……The clear water and blue sky make due contributions, and is expected to drive the surrounding raw materials, equipment manufacturing, commercial applications and other related industries flourish.

Post time: Oct-30-2021